deathlikescats (deathlikescats) wrote,

Happy New YAR! (a pirate-y new year indeed!)

SO! I am on my way to the first new years club thingy I've ever been to! It's gothy but I decided to go more Steam Goth than classic goth.

I also just colored my Hair!

It's a weird super dark teal blue color, and I LOVE it. Can't wait to see how it fades over time too!

I love IIIIT!!!!

New Years Resolutions:

1. have stable income
2. draw regularly to strengthen art style/skills
3. get more commissions (and finish current ones)
4. get at least a 3.0 every quarter
5. lose some damn weight! 240lbs is WAAAAY too heavy! Maybe as much as 80 lbs? YEA!!!!
6. start and finish my damn costumes! Sister's o Battle, here I come!

So that's the short list. See ya Next Year!

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