deathlikescats (deathlikescats) wrote,

District 9 and whatnot

Saw District 9 today. Wow.

If you've seen slumdog Millionaire, apparently this is like that, but Sci-Fi.

It's really more about humanity and what we do to ourselves than a treatise on an alien invasion.

The friends that I went with were entirely depressed by the movie, whilst I was elated by it. Not necessarily it's content but by the fact that it exists. I don't want to spoil, or even imply any part of the plot to anyone who may read this.

I won't even hype it. I just want people to go in and see it. It's not some epic battle, like ID4. It's more intelligent than that.

People will find holes I'm sure. People will call shenanigans on parts. It's not a summer blockbuster per se, its an action drama, that has some cliche's in it that are not treated in the cliche way (at least not to me. Others may see it otherwise).

I like it a lot. It makes me think. I miss that sometimes from movies.
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we saw it yesterday.

i thought it was EXCELLENT!

parts of it were hard to watch. simply because you know corporate/gov't guys are doing stuff like that somewheres in the world...

i am recommending it to anyone who will listen.
Great to hear I'm not alone. :) I'm doing the same thing at my school. Everyone who's seen it is saying they loved it too. ^_^
I've heard it said that District 9 does for movies what Bioshock did for gaming. That is, kicked it right in the ass. I can't wait to see it.
Think of it less like an ID4 big budget film, and more like a mocumentary/art scifi film. You'll like it i think :)
oh! just found your necklace!

it was in the couch the whole time. :)

where ya want it sent?
Heyoo! Oh man, such a relief that is! My addy here is-

1724 Talc Place
Loveland, CO 80537

Thanks SOOOOO MUCH! :D <3