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The World is the Way it is Because;

- people are living longer than ever before
- children are being born to older parents than ever before. Studies have shown higher propensity for mental illness in children born to older parents.
- people want the highest luxuries, usually only reserved for the aristocracy, and are willing to use any means to get it
- production is high
- resources are low
- consumption is the means to fulfillment, or so we are told all our lives, every waking moment
- everyone has to have multiple skill sets to just be considered average, and lose most of their childhood to attaining these skill sets
- the main population of non-third-world-countries are lower middle class. Not highly educated to know how what they do impacts those around them and the rest of the world, but educated enough to think they know everything they need to know.
- People feel innately entitled to everything in the world and everything everyone else has.
- conflict is not resolved. Instead it is nurtured, perpetuated for pride, preference and profit
- the bottom line is law
- no one breathes
- no one listens
- no one educates themselves on how to think differently/better (not just to test better or know more trivia)
- image comes before integrity, quantity over quality
- people want someone to blame, so they don't have to actually fix any problems or deal with the consequences
- people want to feel righteous
- paranoia/suspicions are the norm. If you're NOT afraid of something, you are considered weird.
- individuality is above equality
- maturity and responsibility are frowned upon.
- everything has lost its value, but it all has a price
- people want the world to end so they don't have to face their future
- hopelessness/emptiness pervades all walks of life, and no deity or trinket fills the void
- we are dependent on concepts and arbitrary systems for sustenance and security

This is not copypasta from somewhere else. I wrote this because I could not come up with something new and interesting. Everything has been done because I have not moved onwards in my thought processes. In my learning about everything that is life, I have learned nothing about that witch is the progression of self in life. So I continue to strive. If I identify the reasons why things are the way they are, maybe I can grow and become more.

Maybe something original and new will come to me. But I have no ears to listen to that faint whisper. I must grow them and strain to hear.

If you feel like I do, if this resonates with you, feel free to copy/edit/adjust this to your needs. Hell, post it to your blog too. Maybe if more people start to see the paths they've tread for so long, maybe they'll stop following them and find a new way. One of those people will eventually find the right one.
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